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Hiring a Photographer on Vacation – Flytographer: A Review

Hiring a Photographer on Vacation – Flytographer: A Review

We recently spent a blissful, beautiful, relaxing month on Maui (see my Maui Travel Guide here). Having this amount of time away gave us the opportunity to unwind and to truly relax.  Like so many other families, our lives are so full of schedules, schedules for work, school, programs, dinners, family time and this list goes on.  Somewhere in all of the busy, I had the best of intentions to hire a photographer to capture these fleeting moments of our young family, but it just never seemed to fit.  Read more for how I came about finding Flytographer and our experience.

While planning our vacation (and dreaming of all of the unscheduled time we would have) it dawned on me! Why not hire a photographer while we have an abundance of down time and while we were enjoying one of our favourite places on Earth?   But where to begin, how does one find a reputable photographer in a different country?  A brief Google search for ‘Maui Photographers’ lead me to Flytographer.

The homepage of the Flytographer website really says it all.  “Choose a Photographer you Love – We’ll Take Care of the Rest”.  This statement describes our experience completely.   Let me explain.

The Process

[1]  Find your way to the Flytographer homepage

[2]  Enter the city you are going to be visiting

[3]  Scroll through the photographers that are available in your chosen city.  Browse their photos and profiles to learn a bit about them and their photography style.

[4]  Once you have narrowed down a photographer that fits your style, you simply send them an inquiry with details about your preferred date and about your vision.  Within a few short days I had a response from our Flytographer, Wendy and we quickly and easily set our shoot up from there.

The Shoot

A few days prior to our scheduled shoot, I received a text from Wendy offering me a reminder but also providing additional information on how to get to our meeting place.  (A place she helped us to select based on her knowledge as a Maui local.)

The day of, we met promptly at our scheduled time.  Wendy made us feel comfortable and offered us the exact right amount of direction without making it feel forced or overly staged.  My husband and I were most impressed with how she interacted with Reed.  Reed can be challenging in front of a camera at times and Wendy broke through this barrier naturally and organically.  It was like she had known Reed for years.  She encouraged us to be playful but gentle and to show our love through laughter.  I didn’t spend a single moment thinking “do I look awkward?”  Everything about it felt real and effortless.

After the Shoot

We had our photos one week after our shoot.  How awesome is that!?

Overall Experience

In short, hiring Wendy through Flytographer was one of the best parts of our vacation to Maui.  I am still in awe at the images that she captured.  And the entire process was easy and stress-free.  I can’t wait to book our next vacation and to meet our next Flytographer! We’re thinking Iceland… any suggestions??

Thank you Wendy and thank you Flytographer for capturing these precious, fleeting moments and making scheduling a breeze!


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