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Stay-In and Date – Our Favourite Way to Share Time Together

Stay-In and Date – Our Favourite Way to Share Time Together

Finding time to spend together as a couple is tough!  Dating tends to fall behind all of the grown-up responsibilities.  Since my husband and I both work full time we share all of the household duties and we share all of the parenting duties.  So we have found a few creative ways to date inside our home.

Before we had Reed, I always said that time was my greatest resource. It is something that we all feel that we don’t have enough of.  Since having Reed, that couldn’t be more true for us.  This has given us the opportunity to be extra conscious of how we spend our time.  I believe there is so much pressure to do it all and to have it all in today’s world.  And dating your spouse is no exception.  With all of the ‘must-dos’, I really don’t want my relationship with my husband to be just another thing on my to-do list.  So our way to combat this pressure is to find creative ways to date, even if we only have a few moments to spare.

[1]  Coffee Date

Sounds oddly simple right? Sitting down and sharing a coffee together actually became a rule in our house, one that developed when my son was born as a moment to regain our sanity (kidding, but really, not kidding).  So for 20 minutes a day our goal is to sit down, have a latte and it’s Reed’s job to entertain himself.  We chat with each other and with Reed while he plays and we get to focus on enjoying a quiet moment together.

We find this really allows us to connect as it gives focus to our relationship rather than the to-do list.  It allows us to get caught up and to share thoughts.  We tend leave this 20 minute ‘date’ feeling rejuvenated and connected at very little cost or effort.  (If you want to make delicious espresso at home, I have linked a similar espresso machine here.)

[2]  Unplug! Go Outside!

I admit, the ‘outside’ bit of this one poses a few challenges.  First, Canadian winter.  It can definitely be challenging to go outside in the winter at times, but it is not difficult to unplug.  If you can’t be outside, go to a place in your house that you won’t be tempted by a screen.  And then find something to do in that place, together.  For us, this usually our ‘Coffee Room‘ and we love to sit together and chat.  (Often after Reed goes to bed and the dishes are done.)  I believe there is too much focus on the event when it comes to dating.  It can quickly become ‘where to go’ or ‘what to do’, but when I think back to our very best dates, the part I enjoyed the most was the connection, the doing nothing and just talking.

If you are able to go outside, it is the perfect place to be together!  We love nature so being surrounded by it and breathing in the fresh air always helps to put us in a calm and connected place.  This year we had a ‘fire teepee’ built for this exact purpose.  We can use this from spring through fall and really enjoy the atmosphere it creates.  A warm fire, a glass of red wine and the guy I married = my happy place!  If you don’t have access to a sprawling outside space maybe a back porch, a rooftop patio or the front stoop could be a place for you to connect. Be creative!

[3]  (The Obvious, but Fool-Proof) Dinner at Home Date

This one is so obvious, that sometimes we’re doing it and we don’t even realize it! We do this by having Reed eat his dinner at our usual dinner time (5:00pm) and we join him but don’t eat.  Then we put Reed to bed and spend time cooking a meal together.  We will often have done the prep work earlier in the day to make the process a bit more efficient.  Sometimes we have a glass of wine, sometimes we drink sparking water;  sometimes our meals are elaborate and sometimes they are really simple.  The point is the time we get to spend together in the comfort of our home. (A favourite Date Night Dinner of ours is homemade pizza!  Find our recipe here Pizza recipe.)

[4]  The ‘Getting Something Done’ Date

Mike and I do not like to sit still for very long.  While we enjoy the dates I’ve listed above, many of them ultimately lead to discussions about future projects or goals.  And because we share similar personalities this way, we often take time to be productive together.  For example, Mike is excellent at building furniture and I usually help to put the finishing touches on.  This is quality time spent doing something we both enjoy.  Another example is cleaning.  We love to clean our home because we both feel so satisfied afterward.  (We actually get excited about a Saturday morning cleaning session where we clean the entire house, together.)  Our approach to the ‘Getting Something Done Date’ is that these are things that we want or need to do anyway, so we may as well accomplish something while spending valuable time together.

We have made an effort to make our home our favourite place to share time, both as a family and as a couple.  How do you find time to connect?  Leave me a comment below!

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