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How to Build a Simple Covered Backyard Sandbox

How to Build a Simple Covered Backyard Sandbox

I have a confession to make and that is despite how much Reed pleaded with us, I really (really) did not want a sandbox in the backyard.  (I know, I’m the worst mum but hear me out.)

We live in the forest, a forest full of raccoons, skunks, porcupines… and the like.  The last thing I wanted was an oversized litter box polluting our backyard.  Especially when I had visions of having to search through the sand before my son could play (you know, just in case…)  See what I’m saying?  Yuck.  Secondly, the sand!  The thought of a house full of sand just makes me cringe!

And then it happened that each time we would go outside , my sweet boy would start digging in the gardens with his bulldozers and dump trucks and it just broke my heart to see him struggling to play; simply because I had created this worst case scenario in my own mind.

And so we decided, it was time that Reed had a sandbox; a place where those bulldozers and dump trucks had a proper home.  I am often thankful for my husband’s ability to take our vision from paper to completed project.  Here I share Mike’s drawings to build a simple covered backyard sandbox (to keep out all of the lurking wildlife).


2 – 2×10 10 foot pressure treated boards

4 – 2×4 8 foot cedar boards

1 – 2×4 10 foot pressure treated board

8 – 3/4″ x 4 pine tongue and groove boards

32 – 3″ deck board screws

32 – 1″ deck board screws

30 sqft – Landscape Fabric


[1]  Cut the 2 x 10 pressure treated boards in half to make the four sides of the box

[2]   Fasten the pressure treated boards together on the corners with 4 – 3″ screws at each corner.  Ensure the corners are square.

[3]  Measure and cut the 2 x 4 cedar boards for the top of the sandbox.  The exact dimensions will depend on your desired overhang.

[4]  Fasten the cedar boards to the top of the pressure treated frame using 3″ screws.

[5]  Lightly sand the edges of the cedar boards to ensure no sharp edges.  (Mike chose to use cedar boards for the top of the sandbox for safety.  In the event that Reed gets a silver, the cedar is non-toxic.)

[6]  Dig down approximately 3 – 4 inches into the ground where you would like to place the sandbox.

[7]  Place landscape fabric along the bottom of the inside of the sandbox and going up the walls a few inches.

[8]  Fill the sandbox with appropriate sand (sandbox sand can be found here).

[9]  Cut the 8 3/4″ x 4″ pine boards in half.

[10]  Cut the 2 x 4 10 foot pressure treated board in half to provide the supports for the cover.

[11]  Fasten the pine boards to the pressure treated lid supports with 1″ deck screws.

[12]  Add a handle to the cover for easy removal (found here)

Have questions for Mike on this build?  Comment below!

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